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Here, we list videos on the Three Principles that we LOVE watching!

Brett Chitty’s presentations on the Three Principles

Brett Chitty has discovered a unique approach to sharing the Three Principles, especially when using a whiteboard. He has a knack for keeping the Three Principles super simple and easy to understand, as well as keeping the Principles very tightly integrated. As a result, what he shares resonates with many, and has produced some wonderful insights and breakthroughs for those who watch the videos.

Brett made these presentations in the Summer of 2023 for Twerski Wellness Institute and is free for all to watch.

The Principle of Thought is the Mystical Bridge Between Formless and Form.

Brett Chitty gives a vivid insight into how the Principle of Thought is an essential psychological element that allows us to bridge the formless and form, instead of being separate entities. When we insightfully recognize the bridge, this is when the formless will bring something helpful and practical to our lives in the form. When the formless and form appear as separate, the formless has no bridge to put something into a form so we miss out on the opportunity to experience something new and deeper.

The Principle of Thought connects you to universal wisdom.

Brett goes further and deeper into why the Principle of Thought does a lot more for us than we first assume it would. The Principle of Thought is what bridges us to universal wisdom. With wisdom now accessible, we can live a life with more wisdom than we ever dreamed possible, and we live our lives with grace, resilience, and mental health, to name but a few.

Putting the Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought Together as One.

Brett brings in the Principles of Mind and Consciousness and combines them with the Principle of Thought to make it all function as one. It becomes apparent that all Three Principles are essential, and show how everything we go through as human beings is happening inside, and therefore, there is no outside.

What Happens to Us When the Principle of Thought is Hidden? The One Reason we are ALL Innocent.

Brett demonstrates the “Two Ways of Using the Same Mind”, and how each “way of using the mind” produces very different outcomes. When the Principle of Thought is hidden, it also hides the formless and we are left with just the form. It seems like we have no choice but to go into form. We’ve all been there, living in a world where there’s nothing else outside of the form Thought has taken in our lives. Here, compassion and forgiveness naturally emerge without effort. The good news is that there is a way out of the form. What gets us out of the form is an insight from the formless. It’s a deep knowing that the formless exists and the Principle of Thought is the bridge that allows the formless to be present in our lives again.