Books by Sydney Banks

We consider these books “must-read.” You can purchase these books at any reputable bookstore. There are also writings from Sydney Banks that are currently unpublished.

The Enlightened Gardener

In the spring of 1968, four practising psychologists are traveling from the United States to England for a conference at a charming 17th-century hotel. There, the four doctors hope to gain some new insight into the nature of the human mind that can be shared with their respective patients. As they cross the Atlantic, and leave behind the turbulent social and political landscape of late-1960s America, they can have no way of knowing that the revelations they seek will come not from the “experts” at the conference but from the hotel’s wise and mysterious groundskeeper…

The Enlightened Gardener Revisited

Two practising psychologists travel from the United States to England to meet again with the charming, unassuming gardener who had taught them so much about his Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought. Following their previous meetings and discussions with him at the same 17th-century hotel, they had begun to incorporate some of what they had learned into their lives and their psychology practices. The changes to their lives and their patients’ lives so astounded them that they longed to learn more about the wise gardener’s inspiring philosophy. The gardener, in his quiet way, presents them with a deeper understanding that can be applied in a practical way to their lives back home.

The Missing Link

Below is the introduction by Sydney Banks.

“There are those in this world who believe miracles do not happen. I can assure such skeptics that they do.

“With hope and faith as beacons, anything can happen.

“If these writings bring a second chance of life to just one human being, my work has not been in vain.

Dear Liza

Liza, an orphan girl living on the cold streets of London in October of 1834, is able to rise above her squalid surroundings to bring joy to the lives of others. Although only eleven, she displays amazing courage as she cares for a younger child and ekes out a bare existence through the approaching winter, guided by the wisdom embodied in letters left to her by her mother. When Liza meets a wealthy gentleman, her mysterious, almost magical manner causes him to re-examine his own life. Over time, he and others around him are transformed as they begin to understand the depth of Liza’s insight.

Second Chance

A moving story of one man, deeply troubled by the circumstances of his life, who travels to the islands of Hawaii hoping to find peace. Here, he is befriended by two intriguing people, who speak in ways that mystify yet fascinate him.

Thus begins a spiritual journey into a world of extraordinary feelings, which bring him understanding and an answer beyond anything he had ever dreamed possible. In this novel, set in a world of soft tropical beauty, the author shares his quiet philosophical knowledge in a comprehensible yet profound manner.

In Quest of the Pearl

In this sequel to Second Chance, you are invited to step into a landscape of great beauty and powerful feelings, as you accompany one man returning to the island of Maui on his search for the “Pearl of Wisdom.”

Once again, Richard Sullivan encounters Jonathan, whose unusual yet intriguing outlook on life leads Richard into a deeper dimension of thought; and Mamma Lila, the mysterious and mystical Hawaiian lady, full of love, deep wisdom, and compassion, whose enigmatic words hold the secret to the Wisdom of the Ages… for those who are ready to hear.

Island of Knowledge

By Linda Quiring. We include this book in our recommended list as it has lots of original teachings directly from Sydney Banks. Below is the preface by Linda, written in December 1974.

“This is the story of how I moved to a small island to find myself and the amazing encounter I had with an unknown prophet named Sydney Banks, someone who very few people even knew existed.

His teachings are so powerful and so full of love that it is impossible to hear him and ignore his wisdom. He changes the lives of all whom he touches.

His explanation of how Self-Realization is obtained has the validity of pure truth and the results are breathtakingly beautiful. He is indeed a miracle-worker on Salt Spring Island.”

Beyond Beliefs

By Linda Quiring. We include this book in our recommended list as it has lots of original teachings directly from Sydney Banks. Below is written by Linda, on the back cover.

“As word spread further of the amazing events taking place, psychologists and other professionals came to experience firsthand the healing effect Syd’s message had on others. Sydney Banks came to believe that his message could change psychology forever.

In Beyond Beliefs, Syd speaks with psychologists, outlining his radical ideas about the mind and its dysfunction. Some of them are dismissive of this ordinary, uneducated Scottish man’s wisdom; others are mesmerized, become ardent life-long students and carry his message into their practices. Beyond Beliefs contains the original teachings Sydney Banks shared with these mental health professionals and others.”

Unpublished Books

To the best of our knowledge, we are aware that there are at least 4 books that have original Sydney Banks writings and teachings that are not yet published.

  • Suffering Needlessly, by Keith Blevens, Ph.D., and Valda Monroe. Sydney Banks gifted Keith and Valda his writings.
  • Beyond Time, Space, and Matter, by Sydney Banks. An autobiography.
  • The Renaissance of the Mind, by Sydney Banks. A continuation of the Enlightened Gardener Series, where Andy is the main speaker of a Mental Health conference!
  • Medicine Man, by Sydney Banks.