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Tributes to Sydney Banks

Sydney Banks showed me that there is a principle-based logic that revealed I actually had wisdom within me. But I had no idea it had laid dormant because of the way I was using the mind. Once I began to see there was another way of using the mind, to my amazement, incredible thoughts and feelings were starting to come to me. That was when I knew for a fact that wisdom was coming to life. Without this wisdom, my life would have been a fraction of what it is today. Thank you, Sydney.
Brett Chitty
Sydney Banks, a beacon of wisdom and compassion, forever transformed our understanding of the human mind. His pioneering Three Principles—Mind, Consciousness, and Thought- unveiled the path to inner peace and resilience. Syd’s universal teachings transcended boundaries, touching lives worldwide. He illuminated the profound impact of our thoughts, freeing countless souls from suffering.
In tribute to this wise man, we honor a life dedicated to unlocking the human spirit’s boundless potential.
Omar Ben Moussa
The Other Half of the Equation:
Sydney Banks had the ability to discern the absolute truth from the “truth” that
we grapple with. Through Michael Singer, I learned to divorce myself from my personal thoughts, but that didn’t lead to much warmth, only less suffering. The deepest transformation occurs when you realize that your essence is Love. Once Sydney Banks’ work entered my life, the second half fell into place, which is the spiritual warmth only G-d’s love can bring.
B. Miller
Sydney Banks was a simple, wise, and thoughtful man who was able to convey his inspirational message to thousands of individuals throughout the world during his life. He mentioned that he conquered the world in his own way and that teaching the importance of Mind and Thought were the keys to unlocking the mysteries of mental wellness. Hopefully, his message will continue to affect those interested in knowing more about the man and his words throughout generations to come. Bless you, Syd.
Mike Mitchell
I am forever grateful for the teaching of Sydney Banks. I never met him personally. I got help through his books and others who continued sharing his wisdom. It woke me up from my 20-year depression fog. I was struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, burnout as well as tons of physical symptoms.
This led to deep realizations in my own mind and misunderstandings of human being’s nature. And I found my true self again and could start living a normal life.
Thank you.
I am so grateful for getting to know you, Syd. You have introduced me to who I really am and always have been. Your generosity for all of Santa Clara County employees.
Since I was one of those people I was able to attend your conferences as well as others.
My life and career changed more than I could imagine. I will be forever grateful for my understanding of The Three Principles.
Sydney thank you for sharing your gift and helping us to continue sharing with the world.
Eva Robinson
The work of Sydney Banks has enabled me to understand how my mind works; not what’s going on or why. This, in itself, has helped me to see through the years of self-analysis.
His teachings have helped me to recognize that I am the observer of my busy mind. I am not what my busy mind thinks I am.
And for this, I’m very, very grateful.
Marie Arymar
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