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Welcome to Three Principles Psychology.

Introducing a Practical and Helpful way to a better life.

3PP Articles

Several insightful articles were written by the team talking about “Feeling is coming from Thought in the moment.”

Keith Blevens Answers Your Questions

The public submits questions, and Keith responds to them in a video.

Introduction to the Resilience Paradigm

A 5-part video series of Keith delivering a conference to a group of mental health professionals about resilience.

The Essence of Change Podcast

Keith and Omar Ben Moussa regularly produce a podcast on “The Essence of Change” anyone can listen to.

It Only Works One Way

A short 10-part video series of Keith bringing to light a logic that feelings and experiences only work one way.

Powerful Videos to Support Your Learning of the Principles

Every once in a while, a person speaks to the Three Principles in a powerful and insightful direction. The videos listed here have our highest recommendation.

Keith Blevens in the Media

Keith is often invited to speak about the Three Principles in groups and organizations. Some are viewable here.

The 3PP Town Hall Meeting Recordings

3PP hosts a free Town Hall meeting every two months. You can watch the recordings here and register for upcoming meetings.