Uncovering the Hidden Dimension

The Hidden Dimension

There is a dimension of life that few know about. It has Wisdom, Mental Health, Resilience, Creativity, Love, Quietude, and Confidence all built-in, ready for you to experience.

Within Your Mind

Surprisingly, this hidden dimension isn’t “out there,” it’s within your own mind. Once you realize this new direction, experiencing the gifts of the Hidden Dimension is now a genuine possibility.

The Mystical Bridge

There is a mystical bridge that connects you to this hidden dimension called the Principle of Thought. We aim to give you the “eyes” to see this bridge so you can walk into the hidden dimension and claim your inheritance.

“The instant this precious gift was bestowed upon me I found many profound answers to things that humanity has been seeking since the beginning of time – answers to questions propounded in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, philosophy, physics, eastern mysticism, and everyday people who are looking for something to enhance their lives.”

Sydney Banks

What is Uncovering the Hidden Dimension about?

Keith and Brett talk about uncovering the Hidden Dimension, and what it can do for you. Click on the short videos to get a sense of the direction Keith and Brett are pointing to.

Part 1 – Uncovering the Hidden Dimension
Part 2 – It’s not just the Biological, it’s also the Spiritual.
Part 3 – A Quiet Mind is a Genuine Possibility.
Part 4 – No doing, willpower, or techniques needed.
Part 5 – The Hidden Dimension’s impact on Relationships
Part 6 – Our Immense Gratitude for the Hidden Dimension.

Uncovering The Hidden Dimension is the absolute supreme secret to all problems in the universe.”

Keith Blevens. Ph.D.

Liberation from all sorrow is possible in the Hidden Dimension.”

Brett Chitty

Your Guides

Keith Blevens, Ph.D., and Brett Chitty.

There are 2 one-hour meetings per month. They take place on the first Thursday and the third Thursday at 10 a.m. PT. The meetings will be a maximum of one hour.

The Hidden Dimension is available for anyone to walk into.

Keith Blevens, Ph.D.

Keith is a Three Principles educator, trainer and consultant to executives, businesses, organizations, individuals, couples, and families for over 40 years.

Brett Chitty

Brett specializes in assisting others to realize the existence and gift of the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought.

“The purpose of realizing there is a Hidden Dimension is to connect you to your Divine Inheritance, a universal intelligence and wisdom that need no longer remain dormant.

Brett Chitty

Access to Recordings

Any member gets access to the recordings, all of which are transcribed and are searchable.

Plus, the recordings are organized in a way to help you get started. There is a clear sense of direction that creates a solid foundation.

Two Live Zoom Meetings per month with Keith and Brett

Take part in live meetings where you can enjoy a very relaxing, exciting, and insightful exploration into the treasures of the Hidden Dimension.

Access to the Private Community

Upon becoming a member, you will be enrolled in a private community where you can share your progress, make comments, ask questions, and tell us about your insights. You can connect with Keith, Brett, and other members there as well.

A Sneek Peek Inside…

Here are a few short clips from meetings already taken place.

What is a Sign Post?

We use the term “Sign Post” to show you there are two different directions of what is being taught/shared.

Feelings are not a Principle

Keith shares a vivid story of what happened when Sydney Banks found out about a published book that proposed feelings as a fourth principle.

“New Thought” takes us away from Principles

Discovering there are “Properties of a Principle” eliminated the tempting idea of “New Thought” being Principle-based.

Pricing Plans

The price is dependent on when you join. You will be grandfathered in at that price for as long as you remain a member.

Introductory Rate


The Introductory Rate is available until December 31st.

Standard Rate


This is the Standard rate and will be the only option from January 1st, 2024.