Introduction to the Resilience Paradigm

An evening and a day presentation by Dr. Keith Blevens to a group of medical professionals on Resilience.

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Part 1
An Introduction to the Resilience Paradigm.

Setting the stage to learn about Resilience from a deeper foundation.

Part 2
Why Nothing can take away your Resilience.

As crazy as the title might sound, there is some truth to it.

Part 3
Having the Eyes for Resilience.

Resilience is not something based on fortune, there is an absolute direction to experiencing Resilience.

Part 4
Where You Change is Where You Are Outside-In.

The Outside-In doesn’t have a foundation. Once you have insight, you change to the Inside-out, where Resilience is.

Part 5
Seeing How Resilience Works Engineers You for Insight.

Insight becomes a key aspect of being resilient.