The Essence of Change Podcast

With Keith Blevens, Ph.D., and Omar Ben Moussa

The Essence of Change is about bringing hope to those who are suffering needlessly. A series of conversations between Keith Blevens Ph.D. and Omar Ben Moussa where the essence of change derives from a deeper dimension than the one mostly practiced today.

Keith Blevens, Ph.D.
Omar Ben Moussa

Episode 14: Living Principles

Keith and Omar explore the vastness of the Three Principles and share how there are living principles always in the moment and limitless. As living principles, they pertain to the truth, the wisdom of the ages, and all the answers we’ve been looking for.

Audio Length: 32 minutes, 10 seconds.

Episode 13: Creating from the Inside-Out

In this conversation, Keith and Omar explore how creating is only possible from the inside-out and how the gifts of the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought create more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

Audio Length: 36 minutes, 23 seconds.

Episode 12: Changing Your Mind and Coming Back to the Now

Keith and Omar discuss how “changing our minds” brings us to the Now. The only moment where healing, love, joy, forgiveness, and compassion are experienced.

Audio Length: 25 minutes, 23 seconds.

Episode 11: The Science of Mental Life

The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought unify mental life from another dimension than the one that is currently being practiced. The principles behind mental life are not man-made. They are timeless, immortal, and immaterial. Existence is therefore spiritualized.

Audio Length: 50 minutes, 47 seconds.

Episode 10: The Scientific Psychology of the Future

Scientifically, you are not your thinking, you are the thinker. Why would you care about your thinking if you are not your thinking? The “science” some talk of doe not have the property of it being a constant, therefore not principled. The Outside-In cannot be a means to a genuine science of mental life due to a false set of assumptions.

Audio Length: 21 minutes, 16 seconds.

Episode 9: What does Thought have to do with Chronic Pain?

Keith and Omar explored the cause of Chronic pain and the possibility of healing, even after a long period of suffering.

Audio Length: 33 minutes, 11 seconds.

Episode 8: What if Insecurity is an illusion?

Insecurity is an ego-based feeling that happens as a reaction to what is occurring in our heads. It’s not an indicator of what’s happening outside of us yet its illusionary nature makes it appear as if it’s reliable and direct feedback of our environment or circumstances. The moment we catch its illusionary nature in the moment, we are back to what is true and permanent within us, and the essence of where change happens.

Audio Length: 35 minutes, 52 seconds.

Episode 7: The Right Place to Look for Healing

There is one place to look for healing and an infinite amount of places where not to look. A woman proclaimed, “Well, I’m a happy person!” However, if you were to observe her, you may be hard-pressed to agree. She was a positive thinker and not honest with herself. Positive thinking causes problems. Keith and Omar look at how healing is viewed within traditional psychology, and what healing truly is.

Audio Length: 30 minutes, 48 seconds.

Episode 6: True Identity and Ego Identity

Our true identity is something really nice, whereas every hassle is created by the ego. Our true identity can be found via the Power of Thought recognizing the inseparability between the physical world and the spiritual world. The Truth is immortal and collapses the ego.

Audio Length: 35 minutes, 7 seconds.

Episode 5: How knowing the difference between the brain and Mind could improve our Mental Health?

The Brain is physical and the Mind is spiritual. “Mind is not Brain.” A recent study in medical circles demonstrated that a lowered serotonin concentration does not characterize depression at all.
The 3 Principles have revealed a science of mental life that we didn’t have access to until Sydney Banks had an enlightening experience in 1973.

Audio Length: 37 minutes, 34 seconds.

Episode 4: The Hidden Secret of Trauma

There are misconceptions about trauma, and many of them are innocently contributing to needless suffering. When we look deeper into what “trauma” is, how it’s formed into experience, what was once bothersome no longer exists, and a sense of freedom fills our being. When we understand how something actually works, it takes away what we previously understood to be true as it no longer makes sense, suffering must come to an end.

Audio Length: 35 minutes, 31 seconds.

Episode 3: Our Mind-Made Traps

Our Mind-made traps are illusions created from Thought. No Matter what a person is going through, it’s created from Thought. Therefore, the traps are removed by understanding where they come from – Thought. However, they are made “real” when we do not recognize what produced them in the first place.

Audio Length: 32 minutes, 16 seconds.

Episode 2: What’s causing our suffering needlessly?

What is suffering needlessly? Everyone has suffered. When we are in it, the issues and tentacles dominate our consciousness. Once it is understood what it truly is, suffering disappears. Keith and Omar explore the cause of suffering with real-life examples and how it can be prevented, without losing our wellbeing.

Audio Length: 33 minutes, 57 seconds.

Episode 1: Introduction to the Essence of Change Podcast

When people search for change it is often doomed because they search for something that is within their existing pattern, something they are accustomed to. Often, change comes from the unknown, not the known. “No way. I am looking for Truth, but not that much.” The Essence of Change is about that unknown, that lies deep within your mind.

Audio Length: 30 minutes, 47 seconds.