Renewing your Founding Membership of “Uncovering the Hidden Dimension.”

3PP are making some changes as part of a long-term vision for Three Principles Psychology. One of them is to make the UTHD membership more accessible to a wider audience by lowering the monthly subscription fee. The new rate will be $30 per month (old price was $60).

We made a promise to our founding members of UTHD that they would always have the best rate. In light of the pricing change, we are offering existing Founding Members a subscription rate of $20 per month, half of the original founding member rate, and $10/month less than new ‘public’ rate. We hope this is consistent with our promise.

To keep things simple for us behind the scenes, we will cancel all existing UTHD subscriptions and ask you begin a ‘new’ subscription by filling in the form below.

The window to continue your UTHD founding membership will close on July 28th, 2024.

Subscribe to Uncovering the Hidden Dimension at $20/month.

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