Keith Blevens in the Media

Many people, groups, and organizations invite Keith Blevens to teach the Three Principles in their programs. Occasionally these are made available publicly, and we have embedded most of them on this page for your convenience. The most recent is at the top.

Coaching from the Inside-Out

Keith shares valuable insights on the practice of coaching and the importance of shifting focus away from personal problems. Discover the power of tapping into universal knowledge and opening up a new dimension of mental health, effectiveness, and joy. Learn how to be an effective coach by guiding clients toward a deeper understanding of their own minds and accessing insight and peace.

00:00 – Introduction
01:26 – The practice of coaching and the power of focusing away from personal problems
03:20 – The shift in perspective and finding answers in the right place
06:11 – Narrowing the focus while expanding the universe of knowledge
08:01 – Helping clients find a different dimension and experience mental well-being
11:14 – The effectiveness of coaching beyond problem-solving
12:32 – Impacting clients through a different dimension of coaching
14:18 – Contrasting traditional psychology with The Three Principles approach
15:09 – Dr. Keith Blevens’ authenticity and living the 3 Principles

A webinar with the 3P Netherlands group

Keith was a guest presenter for the Dutch Three Principles community.

The Three Principles Paradigm: A New Understanding of Addiction and Recovery

With Christian McNeill and Barbara Sarah Smith. The meeting was part of Christian’s and Barbara’s new book, Addiction: One Cause, One Solution.

Mental Health Transformation Group

With Harry Derbitsky. Keith shares about the necessity of rigor in 3 Principles, and Sydney Banks’ example of rigor; plus Sharing/Changing the Status Quo World of Mental Health.

Keith shares how Sydney Banks influenced his professional and personal life

Hosted by Omar Ben Moussa and Harry Derbitsky.

No Thought: The Link to Universal Thought and Your True Identity.

In an as yet unpublished book Keith Blevens, Ph.D., Sydney Banks writes:
As a matter of fact, Keith, whether they know it or not, everyone on earth is only one thought away from what they seek. If they can find this magical thought. Time and again people would challenge me and ask what this one thought was. With a smile on my face I would answer: The one thought you seek is the state of no thought.

“The state of no thought is the missing link to Universal Thought and Self-Realization.”

Why Grounding is Not a Doing, with Valda Monroe

With Ankush Jain. Keith Blevens and Valda Monroe challenge a misunderstanding they see within the 3 Principles Community – that of turning “grounding” into a “doing.”

Insightful Conversations

With Del Adey-Jones, a 3 Principles Practitioner and Relationship Mastery Coach, specializing in the area of  Codependency, Narcissistic Abuse, and Unhealed Childhood Trauma.

A Single Paradigm: The Answer for Suffering

In this wonderful conversation, Keith talks in part about the true source of our suffering and the one answer for it all.

With Greg Suchy and Harry Derbitsky.

Freedom Through Subtraction, with Brett Chitty

Both Brett and Keith share how the subtraction of unnecessary thought gave them more freedom, in surprising ways.

The recording came from a conference hosted by Twerski Wellness Institute in New York.

Resilient Relationships, with Dr. Annika Hurwitt

Annika and Keith discover resilience in relationships with profound changes.

The recording came from a conference hosted by Twerski Wellness Institute in New York.

The Implications of the Three Principles

The Three Principles has implications built into the system and there are some very surprising, and freeing, implications well worth discovering.

The recording came from a conference hosted by Twerski Wellness Institute in New York.

Always True

The Three Principles are always true!

The recording came from a conference hosted by Twerski Wellness Institute in New York.

Examination of the Single Paradigm

A closer look at the Single Paradigm, where the physical and the spiritual are one.

The recording came from a conference hosted by Twerski Wellness Institute in New York.

Single Paradigm and the World Around Us

Greg Suchy and Harry Derbitsky discuss with Keith talk insightfully about the way we experience the world around us.

Paradigm Shift: Redefining Resilience

When a principle-based paradigm of mental health is discovered, it inevitably leads to redefining resilience.

Implications NOT Applications

A True Paradigm will have True Implications. Keith shares some of the implications he and his wife, Valda, discovered.

How Actual Reality is Being Created

There is one specific place in time we can experience The Three Principles creating feeling. It is not in the past or future. This only exists in the present moment.

The Roots of the Principles, with Tzvi Werther

Tzvi and Keith do a joint presentation about the Three Principles.

Why Innate Health is a New Paradigm for Mental Health

Keith Blevens: What I’ve Learned in 30+ Years